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Miguel Delgado,MD Cosmetic Surgery

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Browlift and Facelift Surgery Marin | Sonoma County

Marin County, California – Browlift surgery is a wonderful adjunct to facelift surgery.  There are three popular techniques.  The open browlift, the endoscopic browlift and the minimal invasive technique without the endoscope.  For the purpose of discussion we will  lump the latter two techniques together.

The open eyebrow lift is the goal standard for comparison in the total facelift procedure.  This is the oldest technique and involves a long incision from ear to ear.  The muscles are relaxed at the forhead and frown lines.  The brow is held up in position by excising a section of scalp.  This holds extremely well for long term.  The complication for this procedure are significant and this is what brought about a new alternative.  The open brow has hair loss, long scars with potential hair loss and numbness to  the top of the head. Another advantage of thes procedure is for shortening the forehead. See A below.

The endoscopic forehead lift as part of the facelift has become a popular technique.  The procedure involves small incision in the fore head and the endoscope is used for the internal release and relaxation of the frown lines. No scalp is excised and the elevation is maintained by fixation to the skull.  The complications are less than the open approach but recurrence of the brow ptosis occurs more.

Browlift procedures-Marin and Sonoma County

Browlift procedures-Marin and Sonoma County

The photo above shows the various incisions for the eyebrow lift procedure.  A is for the open procedure which shortens the high forehead.  B in the normal open brow incision and C is the incisions for the endoscopic browlift.

Facelift Surgery Marin Sonoma

Full face lift surgery-endoscopic browlift, eyelid lift, lower face and necklift, fat injections to the face.

San Francisco plastic surgery specialist with offices in S.F. and Marin County,California.Dr. Delgado is certified by the Am. Board of Plastic Surgery. He
specializes in facelift surgery, all breast surgery, and body contouring  such as liposuction, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover.  He has served Marin, Sonoma,Napa and the San Francisco Bay Area since 1988 Call Today 415-898-4161.


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Facelift Surgery FAQ’s-Marin County,California

Facelift Surgery FAQ’s-Marin County,California

Marin County, California – Facelift rejuvination surgery is an important step for any man or women  intersested in facelift surgery. After you
you have researched a good plastic surgeron there are many important
questions to ask.  Here are some question that may be helpful to ask.

  1. What specific type of facelift technique do you use?
  2. Am I good candidate for a facelift, am I having this done to early,or would a short scar or mini-facelift work well?
  3. What are the risks for facelift surgery?
  4. Can I have other cosmetic procedures at the same time as my facelift,like my eyes,eyebrow?
  5. May I see your before and after photos of your patients?
  6. Do you have computer imaging to get a rough ideal of my outcome?
  7. Are the results of the facelift permanent or how long will it last?
  8. Where will my scars be located  from my facelift?
  9. Will you explain the post op recovery?
  10. When can I return to work, exercise and driving

These are a few helpful questons to ask your plastic surgeon.

Dr Miguel Delgado is a facelift specialist. He has been serving Marin County, Sonoma County Napa County and the San Francisco Bay Area since 1988. Call Today 4158984161  www.SanFranciscoCosmetic-Surgery.com